There has been a strong increase in business on the back of both sustained organic growth and the Group’s dynamic external growth strategy. On a “like‐for‐like” and constant exchange rate basis, business grew by 7.7% (up 3.8% inside France and up 11.8% outside France) in the first nine months of the year.
    The positive trends noted in previous quarters were confirmed in the third quarter of 2016. Quarterly revenue amounts to €424.1 million (€375.6 million in September 2015) up 12.9%. On a like‐for‐like and constant exchange rate basis, business increased by 6.8% (up 1.8% inside France and up 12.2% outside France). Figures restated to take account of the calendar effect (i.e., 1 working day less in Q3 2016 than in Q3 2015), show that Q3 business grew strongly both inside and outside France. Outside France, all regions are delivering growth, including Germany which has returned to positive organic growth. Southern Europe, North America and the UK have all reported organic growth of over 10%.
    The good momentum recorded in the first‐half of the year has continued and all business lines are growing, especially the Automotive, Finance/Services, Electronics and Aeronautic sectors.
    ALTEN completed two new acquisitions in October 2016:

    • - A French‐based Life Sciences company (estimated annual revenue: €19 million ‐ 190 additional consultants);
    • - A Romanian IT company (estimated annual revenue: €9 million ‐ 185 additional consultants).

    ALTEN has completed nine international acquisitions since the start of the year, including eight outside France:

    • - Four acquisitions in Europe: in France, Germany, Italy and Romania (annual revenue: €48 million ‐ 510 additional consultants);
    • - Five acquisitions in North America and India (annual revenue: €59 million ‐ 1,065 additional consultants).

    Amid a general improvement in the business environment, ALTEN confirms that the Group will deliver a much higher year‐on‐year increase in organic growth for full‐year 2016, i.e., in excess of 5.5%.



Since July 2016, the International division of ALTEN has its own website fully dedicated to jobs posting. More than 91 jobs are offered to people who are willing to work abroad! And we already have more than 50 engineers who are ongoing hiring process with different countries from the International 1 perimeter. It’s a good start!

But this website is also a place to communicate directly with the candidates, give them an inside view of what is ALTEN, who are the people working at ALTEN and what are the main topics to know about when you move and work abroad. An international career is always a challenge, professional but also, personal and sometimes, it involves the whole family. The project has to be thoughtful! True examples and testimonials can help in the decision.

That’s the reason why we have founded a blog inside the page. You can find true “humans of ALTEN stories”, testimonials, HR tips, news of every country, etc… If you go to see the blog, read some stories, watch the pictures, you should feel like an insider. And it’s what we want! Come with us and discover ALTEN through your eyes.


#100JOBS Initiative

The Belgian recruitment market suffers from a severe shortage in terms of engineers, and finding the right candidates with the right profile is getting harder every day. On such a competitive market, it is necessary to stand out to attract engineers and new clients and that’s why the goal of our #100JOBS action was to send a strong message, to both companies and candidates.

We wanted to show our clients that we are a consulting company capable to attract the best engineers to work on the most challenging projects; and to show our potential candidates we are a key player on the engineering market. This #100JOBS initiative was made to position ourselves as the leading engineer community in Belgium.

From this acknowledgement, we considered our options to flood the market through social medias and through our consultants’ network. We decided to begin the #100JOBS campaign in the end of June and to run it until the end of September, which gave us 3 whole months to complete our mission to recruit 100 consultants, with all kind of experience and expertise. We worked with the Design Studio in Spain to develop a strong and modern visual. We wanted an image that could appeal to our target and that reflected our ambition. That’s why we decided to develop an army like visual, based on three different images to correspond to the three months the campaign was running.

Banner 100Jobs campaign
This #100JOBS initiative was extremely well received within our team, whose each member got involved by changing their picture on Linkedin and by inserting a specific signature in their mail for three months. It was also a real success on the social networks, as our Linkedin sponsored campaign, coupled with our regular updates, generated more than 55,000 impressions and our Facebook sponsored campaign allowed to reach more than 20,000 engineers, while increasing by 50% our number of followers. The results at the end of September were beyond our expectations, as we managed to hire 120 new consultants, and candidates still tell us about the campaign they saw during the Summer!

This success is pushing us to reflect on the concept of the next campaign we will implement, probably for the beginning of the year.

Vaccines for an international
multi-sites project

Following Novartis’ vaccine production department acquisition in 2015, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines was looking for a partnership to work on the integration and validation of the Novartis equipment in their production laboratory in Marburg, Germany. Eric S., working as an ALTEN Consultant in GSK Lab Automation Department quickly took action to put us in contact with the managers in charge.

ALTEN was seen as a challenger in this call for tender as we even haven’t been shortlisted in the first round of the bidding process. We jumped on the opportunity by GSK offering a second round. And, as Eric explained us, “Referencing the superb work performed for Orange Luxembourg (in collaboration with ALTEN Spain & Italia) as well as the great ongoing achievements for GSK in Belgium was key to provide us with a strong advantage to gain their trust on this project”.

Building on Eric’s inputs, we designed a package that was accepted soon after by GSK thanks to our competitive commercial offer and our commitment to results. We developed an international network with a team of seven consultants from ALTEN Germany and ALTEN Belgium. Their mission is directly coordinated from Belgium by Eric S., with other internal resources, Fabio G. and Davy V. assigned as Project Manager and Coach.

They began to work on the integration and validation of the Novartis equipment in June, and will continue until the end of the year. By that time, they will have successfully integrated and validated around 50 pieces of equipment for the laboratory.



The added value we provided was our capacity to act as the central coordination point for the teams in Belgium and Germany, within all the aspects of the project.

Leveraging this experience, we had the opportunity to widen our scope of activity when our partner GSK requested us to also lead the integration of the Novartis equipment in their R&D site in Rockville, USA. Another team of 6 ALTEN consultant took on this new challenge in September.

Through this experience with our teams in Belgium, Germany and the United States, we can now position ourselves as a Group capable to manage international multi-sites projects. This success is a key element for the future of our partnership with GSK across the globe and their strategy to increase contract services.



In the current Digital Era, organizations can use technology to completely transform their business, including how they interact with customers, how their employees work and make decisions, how they operate their businesses, and what they sell. Thanks to its IT expertise, ALTEN Italia helps organizations as they reimagine and transform customer engagement, employee experiences, business models and operations, and bring its competence, experience and innovation, to empower organizations to reach their digital aspirations.

I³ stands for “INTL ICT INITIATIVE” and it is a wide internal program whose ultimate purpose is to enhance the ICT offer and footprint internationally within the european countries of the ALTEN Group. The project intends to answer questions such as “what do we want to do with ICT globally” and “how do we manage the global market” or “which offers do we want to include in our portfolio” or better “how do we join forces internationally”.

The competitive strategy is targeted to distinguish ourselves as a niche player and so, to focus on distinctive offers by increasing internal collaboration among the participating countries i.e. Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Romania and India so far. Among the expected value generated we plan to reinforce our common value proposition, increase new business opportunities and “customer wins” with higher Gross Margins.

Last October 13-14 in Rome we held a 2-days kick-off meeting and we hosted representatives from all the countries joining the i3 program, in order to start sharing knowledge and best technological and business practices implemented within the international markets. The meeting represented a concrete opportunity to exchange knowledge and to focus on the ALTEN offer in ICT.
Umberto B., I³ project coordinator, says: «ALTEN in Italy typically has a strong technology vision which is used to guide business conversations and lead organizations to realize technology-enabled transformations and so allow organizations to create new revenue streams both from existing and new assets. Italy combines best software development, IT expertise and domain knowledge to position itself as a pure service player and technology advisor for better execution and operational excellence».



TomTom is a longtime customer of ALTEN in the Netherlands and its Custom Systems group based in Eindhoven. TomTom Automotive is TomTom’s division designing and engineering navigation solutions for car manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 industry suppliers. In 2015 TomTom has inked a deal with French automaker Peugeot to provide the software and maps content for the navigational devices in its cars. ALTEN in the Netherlands is strongly involved in this challenging project!

The Business Unit Automotive of TomTom in Eindhoven will take care of the system integration, software, map data and mobile connectivity on the devices, which will be supplied by Continental Automotive. The system is based on the Genivi platform, an open source software stack with a community-based development model. The Genivi platform is based on the Linux operating system and targets the automotive industry, beginning with the In-Vehicle Infotainment scope.

ALTEN engineers have been involved in the development of the i-Cockpit system and provided the lead engineer.

A complete Navigation solution

SA Groupe’s new global infotainment platform, will be first available on the new DS5 as “DS Connect Nav”, then on the Citroen SpaceTourer and the Peugeot Traveller in 2016. Additional models from all three brands – Peugeot, Citroën, DS – will be rolled out later in the year on a global scale. 



TomTom’s Navkit compliant with Peugeot i-Cockpit

In this new 2016 generation of the i-Cockpit, Peugeot gives us a ride to the future of cars, integrating the latest technologies in an elegant futuristic design. Tomtom’s navigation assets are visible both in the cluster and center stack screens.

This new version is mounted with a highly reactive, 12-inch centered touchscreen with seven lined up physical buttons right under it. As a result, Peugeot drivers can experience TomTom’s state-of-the-art 3D navigation services.

Combined with voice command, drivers will be updated with the latest traffic information while enjoying the 3D buildings and landmarks with the pinch and zoom functionality.

Peugeot delivers a driver-centric cockpit where the driver can enjoy the use of a new 8-inch screen atop of the dashboard. By doing so, drivers can keep their eyes on the road ahead as 3D maps and traffic services are displayed on this user-friendly screen.

ALTEN is proud to co-operate in the development of this new type of navigation system ánd at our long-term cooperation with this appealing customer.



A kick off that took off, ALTEN Sweden was flying high in the Aerospace capital of Sweden: Linköping.

All of Team ALTEN Sweden got together between the 3rd and 4th of September this year in Linköping. On the official agenda was information seminars, motivational speakers and entertainment. But, to many employees surprise, it turned from formal to familiar. According to David Ljungström, Head of Operations ALTEN Nordic and Martin Segerström, Head of Operations ALTEN Sweden, the intention with the conference was to imbue all of ALTEN Sweden with the feeling of ‘us as a team’, professionalism and domestic and international careers.

The effort begun on the bus-ride to Linköping, where participants were engaged in a competition through a mobile application. The app-based competition was designed so that collaboration, instead of competition, was rewarded and the prize of piloting a propeller driven airplane.


The conference on Saturday started with Mr. Ljungström, dressed as a fighter pilot, “flew” into the building via directed reality, and Mr. Segerström was portrayed as parachuting onto the stage by being hoisted from the roof. After a brief introduction and summary of the previous year, the two leaders hosted “ALTEN Heroes”; a presentation cataloguing some of the notable projects, as well as the responsible consultants; showing of what we have been working on during 2016, such as the Volvo XC90 T8 Plug in Hybrid. The conference also included motivational speakers, such as Sweden’s most experienced fighter pilot, ALTEN Sweden’s own Jennifer Österlin, double World Champion-title in Muay Thai, as well as legendary Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang.

As a conclusion to the seminar, the team enjoyed a stand-up routine by comedian Al Pitcher before joining each other for dinner and a show. Later at night followed festivities in the form of disco and rock n’ roll, with entertainment by the pop-band Alcazar. After an invigorating breakfast Sunday morning, prior to Team ALTEN’s return home, they were all treated to a visit to the Swedish Air Force Museum.

As the weekend progressed, it was clear that Mr. Ljungström and Mr. Segerström had been successful in creating a team feeling. “I was enjoying myself the whole weekend” said Carolina Grimberg, accountant at Swedish Headquarters in Gothenburg. “It can be challenging to get to know the rest of the team outside of your department” Carolina continued. HR Partner Stina Romberg agrees: “It is really important for ALTEN that we get to know each other and realize how talented our team is. Reason being that the more of team ALTEN one gets to know, the more one builds a sense of family – something which further engage and develop the talents and efficiency of ALTEN Sweden.”


Remote Video Verification, ALTEN´s Latest Innovative Banking Tool

The financial services sector has been, in many ways, the driving force behind several of the major digital innovations in use today. Now, hand in hand with that of mobile devices, customers can take advantage of a multiplatform menu of personalized banking services available 24 hours a day.

Until recently, current legislation did not allow for the remote contracting or subscription of certain services, meaning that customers had to go in person to a branch or office in order to submit to a verification process where they were required to be physically present. However, last 12 February, SEPBLAC (Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences) announced new regulations `authorizing the identification of customers via videoconferencing.´

For several years now, ALTEN has been collaborating with various financial institutions to develop solutions that are comprehensive, modular, secure and easily adaptable to a variety of national and international banking regulations. To this end, ALTEN´s core strategic focus has been on digital innovation. That is how Verifdoc was born.

Developed entirely with ALTEN´s own in-house technology, Verifdoc offers a full-scale solution to the requests for a product that guarantees reliable verification of a customer´s identity, allowing the bank employee to view remotely all of the accrediting documentation provided by the customer as well as any checks carried out by the institution itself.

Armed with all this information, the bank staff has access to a control panel to review the data and to initiate the recording of a videoconference which validates the customer´s consent to the ongoing registration process.


Remote registration only requires two simple steps:

1. Documentation verification done on the Internet or with a mobile app – the customer will be prompted for the necessary photos depending on the type of document.

2. A videoconference in which the customer shows their ID and consents to the use of their personal details – at all times, the bank employee can see on the control panel every bit of information captured by the photos during the verification process in step one.

As an additional security measure, ALTEN offers biometric facial recognition, kinegram detection and laser impression analysis. With this innovative tool, ALTEN moves ahead of the pack in its field, demonstrating once again that it uses the most innovative, refined technology possible to satisfy the needs of each and every one of its clients.

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